How It Happened: Taylor Inn

Paige Evans, Owner, Taylor Inn

I have always appreciated what this little corner of Taylor provided. My husband and I enjoyed many happy nights in the Big Truck Theatre under the loving guidance of Marc Deloach and Christine Shultz, the former owners. I fell in love with this place 10 years ago.

When I was approached by Marc Deloach, I was sad to hear they were ready to leave and begin a new adventure. And they thought it was time for the place at Taylor to write a new chapter with new owners and fresh eyes.

With a little help from friends and the support of the good folks of Taylor, we began. Being part of the town center, much care was necessary not to diminish the charm of the place as well as the town. All the kindness, help and tolerance through our messy construction is endearing to us. No one could ask for a better community of good people.

The talents of this town are overwhelming. For those of you who do not know about Taylor, this is home to some of the best artists, sculptors, photographers, writers and potters. Taylor has so many bragging rights and I haven’t even gotten to the food yet! Taylor Grocery is an experience no one should miss. Also, Plein Air, a charming development, houses Taylor’s newest attraction, GRIT, a semi fine dining restaurant and bar.

Paige Evans, Owner, Taylor Inn

Taylor Inn Chicken House

Come stay with us and experience your new home in Taylor.

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