We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel thankful to be in this place and leave with the feeling that they have a new home in Taylor.

~ Paige Evans, Owner, Taylor Inn

Taylor Inn ~ Big Truck Theatre

Nestled behind Taylor Inn and surrounded by a flourishing garden and chicken coop, the Chicken House is an ideal rural get away. This “tiny home” is a quaint, rustic home where you’re sure to feel welcome. Sneaking away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Chicken House atmosphere provides visitors with an element of slow country livin’.

Taylor Inn ~ Big Truck Theatre

A common vein that embraces community flows through the history of 736 Old Taylor Road. The roles of this home have changed but have not strayed away from welcoming both visitors and locals with a level of hospitality that cannot be achieved without a true desire to showcase a love for community. The repurposed building that is now Taylor Inn holds fast to the same purpose.

Taylor Inn ~ Big Truck Theatre

The Big Truck Theater over the years has gained local fans among the natives of the surrounding areas. Located right behind Taylor Inn, Big Truck Theater is not your average barn that one might see scattered throughout the area of Taylor. The barn, constructed of pine lumber is the perfect setting for your next special event and centers around a curtained stage that features the famous flat bed truck as an extension.


Taylor Inn and Big Truck Theatre is Taylor’s uniquely repurposed BnB, Wedding and Event Venue.

In Big Truck Theatre as well as our grounds, you will find the perfect setting for reunions, retreats and really any kind of get together. If you have a special event that you’d like to host on our lawn or in one of our gathering spaces, please contact us for rates and details.

In addition to hosting, Taylor Inn can also offer their services. Staff members have over 20 years of experience working in the hospitality industry, and truly “have done it all”. We can help you plan any event no matter the size. We can help you with anything that you would need to plan and implement your event.

Big Truck Theatre

Big Truck Theatre is available for many different events like chef suppers, bonfires, charity and community activities, showcases, and package deals and discounts.

Make it Happen

Chicken House

The “Chicken House” is a great place to have a small party.  It can host around 30-40 people, comfortably, for special occasions such as: Anniversaries, Social Parties, Church events, Luncheons, Birthday Parties for adults, Baby Showers and Meetings.

Make it happen
Taylor Inn Chicken House

Come stay with us and experience your new home in Taylor.

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