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Taylor Inn


Built in 1890, the history of Taylor Inn began as the home and office to Dr. Cooper, a local physician. The two rooms on the east side were used for inpatient care, which was rare in those days, and he rented those rooms to travelers and boarders that came through Taylor during his years of medical practice. The family of Dr. Cooper lived in the west side and the center acted as Dr. Cooper’s in-house office. Forward to 1956 and the home was purchased by Mr. Earl Cummins. In 2001, Marc Deloach and Christine Schultz purchased the home from Mr. Earl Cummins. Mr. Cummings retired as a staff carpenter at Ole Miss and remained a lifelong member of the Taylor community. Rich in history and the culture of hospitality, the walls of Taylor Inn have seen many locals, travelers, and visitors throughout it’s lifetime. As owner Paige Evans explained, “We see it as coming full circle in its use as Taylor Inn.” Currently, the Inn consists of two buildings, the farmhouse and the newer small cottage called the Chicken House; both available for rental. Visitors stay at Taylor Inn will be a unique, welcoming experience. 


A common vein that embraces community flows through the history of 736 Old Taylor Road. The roles of this home have changed but have not strayed away from welcoming both visitors and locals with a level of hospitality that cannot be achieved without a true desire to showcase a love for community. The repurposed building that is now Taylor Inn holds fast to the same purpose. Owner and proprietor, Paige says, “The inn in it’s finished fashion preserves the history of the home and highlights this through it’s aesthetics. Each bedroom is furbished with furniture of old and new to incorporate and embrace the past with the present. Walking into Taylor Inn, a wisp of reminiscence is sure to take over. Each item of refurbished furniture and reclaimed decor was hand selected to create a smile on each visitors face drawn by the air of nostalgia”.

Taylor Inn Chicken House

Come stay with us and experience your new home in Taylor.

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