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Taylor Inn

Paige Evans

Paige Evans and her family have lived in the hills of North Mississippi for over six generations. Paige has a special connection and love for the land, the people, and the homes of this unique Mississippi area. Paige calls home to Mississippi but one of her occupations has her traveling the world. As a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, she has seen and experienced a host of differing lands, people, and cultures. However, her heart is deeply rooted in Taylor and its community. In addition to her work as a flight attendant, for over 20 years Paige has restored old homes all across the area. She works on each home as if it was her own, holding fast to their original beauty and story. With this same respect and love, Paige has now renovated her 15th home and transformed it into the what is Taylor Inn. Paige’s hope is that each visitor that walks through the century old home will feel welcome and be captivated by the love, the respect, and the story that has been preserved and showcased in Taylor Inn.

“At Taylor Inn, we aspire to provide the finest accommodations, and I work every day to ensure that we offer only the finest services to our guests.”

~ Paige Evans, owner.

Taylor Inn Chicken House

Come stay with us and experience your new home in Taylor.

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